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What to expect during your first appointment

A full medical history will be taken at your first osteopathic consultation taking into consideration aspects of your general health as well as details of your current problem which helps to guide the appropriate examination and screening tests that follow.

Physical examination helps your practitioner to assess function of joints and locate sites of pain more accurately.  For this it may be required for a patient to undress to their underwear, and provision is made with towels and shorts for modesty on such occasions.  The examination will generally involve the practitioner making some postural observations and asking the patient to demonstrate specified movements involving the affected area.  The practitioner will then follow this up with further tests as appropriate including manual assessment for tension, strain and inflammation within the body.

Based on the information the practitioner has acquired in the first part of the consultation, 
they will reach a diagnosis and offer an explanation to the patient, whereby the patient will be asked for their consent for treatment.

In accordance, a treatment plan and prognosis will be discussed and implemented, 
which will include any appropriate post-treatment exercises and advice.


Treatment cost:

£55 per session.

Treatment duration

First appointment 45 minutes.  This allows the osteopath to complete a full case history and carry out a thorough examination. Subsequent treatments are 30 minutes. Some patients require longer treatment sessions depending on age and severity of symptoms.

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