Feeling Sluggish? These Are the Best Juicing Recipes for Energy

Trying to boost your energy without the caffeine? The key to upping energy levels through food lies in a diet with plenty of B vitamins. B6, B9, folate, niacin, and thiamin in particular are the heavy hitters. In plain terms, this means consuming your fair share of fruits and veggies, along with protein-packed options like lean meats.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by starting your day with a vitamin-packed juice or smoothie. This is a healthier alternative to washing down the usual cup of joe in the mornings. The best part about these recipes? There's no need for a juicer. Although a juicer can help speed up the process, a blender and strainer are the only necessities.

Click here for five juicing recipes for energy that will get your day started with a kick

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